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Re-Sharpening The KIK HS Brad Point Bit

The KIK® HS Brad Point Bit can be sharpened with a Flat File simply by following the shape and angle of the cutting edges at the tip of the bit.

With a Grinding Wheel, place the bit with one wing and the spur point engaging the edge of the wheel. Rotate it horizontally to 15º (45º Center) from the centerline of the wheel (Fig 1). Then tilt the bit 10º (45º Center) above that centerline (Fig 2). Repeat for the other side of the bit.

Build Re-Sharpening Fixture
and place it at
      the right position
      to the grinding wheel

Cut 4 triangles as shown in Fig 3 from sturdy stock any thickness. With glue or nails, join them into 2 fixtures for Center and Wing the same way as shown. UP as following,
     UP:            Center     Wing
Tip Raise Up    4-15/16"    7/8"

     Before Start The Grinding Wheel!

Place the fixture so the A side is parallel to the horizontal center line of the grinding wheel. See Fig 4, and Fig 1 that is as the specific of the Center and Wing. Height: Rest so the drill will contact the vertical center line of the grinding wheel. See Fig 5.

    Start Grinding Wheel!

Place the bit on your fixture and move it to contact the grinding wheel. Your fixthre insures the proper angle. Grind only enough to sharpen the edges. Turn the bit over to re-sharp the other side.

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