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 KIK® Forstner Bit, Item #F402  (PATENT PENDING)    Return to Previous Page
   #60 Carbon Steel, Titanium Coated

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For wood, plastic, acrylic...
Mills, Drills, Routs, Channels
Easy Guided Any Direction
Includes FREE Heavy Duty Protective Case
3-flat shank for less chuck slippage
Full Power Transmission

Cabinet quality wood boring tool.
* Easy and Accurate to Use
    Operates smoothly in any direction making it
     easy to control.

* Ideal for remodelers
     Drill paths for wiring, conduit,
     pipe, stereo wiring, satellite dishes

* Great for Electricians and Plumbers
     Boring in any direction-even curves
     allows professional installations. Bore the
     hole the way the conduit or pipe bends.
     Correct misaligned inlets.

* The Carpenter's Dream Tool!
     Neater and faster than chisels!
     Blind holes without piercing thin laminate
     Great for hinge or anchor inserts.
     It routs, channels and mills as well.
* Perfect for Locksmith Work
     13/16" Bit perfect for deadbolts.
     Bore and route keyhole openings.

* Bores Plastics without Melting

* Cut in any direction, even backward!

* Will not clog like standard Forstners

* Will not skip or walk-on any surface!

* Require less Torque
     Extends the life of your power tool.

* Made from quality materials
     High grade tool steel, coated with Titanium
     Nitride for long tool life

* Sharpen with Stone or File

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