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 7+1 pc KIK® Spade Combo, Item #WSJ008002  (PATENT PENDING)    Return to Previous Page
   Multi-Function Spade Bit

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For Wood: Hard and soft
      Plastic: Acrylic, PVC etc
      Soft non-ferrous metal sheet: Aluminum, Copper sheet
      Most common construction materials
Not to be used for masonry
Hex shank for any chuck or "quick change" chuck

Wood, drywall: curved bore paths
                            blind holes are a snap
                            fast chip removal

No slippage assures accurate placement of hole.

Plastic: no melting, the same clean cut as wood, no cracking-start slow
Plastic, Soft non-ferrous metal and metal sheet:
less heat prevents drill "sticking"
efficient chip removal
no bur left with less pressure and suggest soft backing material

Convent hole near tip for pulling wire through the hole with the bit that made the hole.

We do not recommend ferrous metal as a general practice. When encountering ferrous metal sheet, minimal force should be applied to the bit, which helps preserve the cutting edges.

Position bit on drilling surface before start drill

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