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Plant - TianGong

Since 1987, Jiangsu Tianggong has produced quality cutting tools and raw material for companies around the world. There are 12 workshops for drill bit production and the production of raw materials. Production has increased over 21% over the last year alone. We maintain high standards in our production by employing approximately 6500 workers, 162 inspectors, 127 engineers and 257 managers who are driven to produce the best.

Our number one priority is quality, Jiangsu Tianggong industrial has been ISO9002 certified since 1998, we also offer Product Liability Insurance to our customer. Commitment to quality means we can manufacture products according to market demands.

Our success and our commitment to quality have not gone unnoticed. In the year 2008 we produced the following cutting tools and raw material for our customers worldwide.

  HS roll forged black drill bit            80million-pcs
  HS roll forged polished drill bit        60million-pcs
  HS ground from solid drill bits        340million-pcs
  HS solid ground thread taps           7.2million-pcs
  Cutting tool bits                            1.8million-pcs
  Wood working series                     3.6million-pcs
  Taper shank drills                           48.8million-pcs
  Roll forged, milled or ground
  Silver and deming drills                   1.2million-pcs
  Roll forged, milled or ground
  Masonry-concrete series                 21.6million-pcs
  Masonry, concrete or hammer drill
  Total over  564million-pcs

Contact Plant to know more about the manufacture, to range visit, or more.
Know more about hardware division of the plant, order from the plant catalogue, please contact TG Tools United Co.
TG Tools will guarantee the quality of the product and you have the convenience of a local contact to place your orders.  TG Tools will also be your local contact in the states to follow through on your order and provide quality service.  Please understand TG Tools only stocks TG Tools Brand name products.  Your orders will be shipped directly from the Jiangsu Tiangong Factory, or if you prefer TG Tools is happy to delivery merchandise to your warehouse.
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