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Introduction of TG Tools

TG® Tools is the U.S. Division of Jiangsu Tiangong Industrial, who manufactures quality drill bits and cutting tools. Since 1987, we have provided quality products, excellent service and fair prices to Europe. We will do the same in the United States with new and innovative products.

Our warehouse and offices are located in St. Charles, IL near Chicago. This central location and our dedicated staffs allow us to maintain excellent customer support throughout the United States.

Our goal is to treat all of our customers with respect and honesty. Whether your requirements are for one drill bit or one million we will be happy to fulfill your needs with excellent service, high quality products at competitive pricing. We will stand by all the products we sell with a one year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

While we handle a complete line of drill bits, our KIK? Series of HS Brad Point Bits, Spade Bits and Forstner Bits are the core of our innovative research and engineering. These bits are designed for Multi-Functional purposes to provide you with the best tools for your particular need.

Our products include:

The KIK? Brad Point Bit* one of our new patented products was especially designed and produced for Multi-function use. (Part of our Fish Tape Series) Lab Report, Demo1, Demo2

    Aluminum & Copper Plate: Less heat and fast removal of chips for less sticking
    Sheet Metal: Easy centering without "walking"
    Hardwood and Drywall: Smoother cuts and fast chip removal
    Plastic: Less slipping on the surface allows to accurately position holes

The patented design of our KIK? Spade Bit* provides a faster, easier bore than traditional spade bits . . . And lasts longer! (Part of our Fish Tape Series) Lab report, Demo1, Demo2

The KIK? Forstner bits* Are easy and accurate to use, will bore Plastic without Melting, cuts in any direction and will not clog in deep holes. Lab report, Demo1, Demo2

The Split Bit-HS Drill Bit Series is produced to help you center the bit so you can bore faster with less force. For general use, our Split Bit is a great buy.

The Cobalt Plated Bit is designed for drilling through stainless steel sheets. Our new production technology has lowered our cost so the price to the customer is more affordable. We also offer this drill bit with a 3-flat shank for less slipping in the chuck.

The Heavy Duty Bits and Cobalt Bits are ideal for industrial use or for anyone who wants a little extra power in their drill bits.

The FISH TAPE Series includes the Split Bit-HS Drill Bit, KIK? Spade Bit 6", 8-1/4" and 13", Concrete Bit 8-1/4" and 13", also KIK? Brad Point Bit. We make these bits with extra length to cut through most walls, beams, floors, ceilings, etc... And we put a hole near the tip of bits to act as a fish tape making it easier to pull wires through walls, beams, floors, ceilings, etc. with less work.

And last, but far from least is our line of Concrete Bits, both in jobber length as well as 8-1/4" and 13" FISH TAPE lengths. The EURO-FORM tip is made from extra thick carbide stock for faster cutting and longer life. The flutes are designed for fast removal of dust, even in wet concrete (Part of our Fish Tape Series)

*All of our KIK? series drill bit have been tested and proven to perform as stated by Atrona Laboratories - ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited test lab: Machesney Park Il. See Full Report.

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