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Anything but boring!

Make beautiful music with the KIK® Series Drill Bits

TG? Tools exclusive KIK? Series of drill bits offer incredible new and unique features and benefits. These are not empty promises; all of our patent pending tools have been tested and proven by Atrona Laboratories of Machesney Park IL. TG? Tools has engineered better performing bits through ingenious tip and flute designs! We stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

KIK? HS Brad Point Drill Bit

When we say multi-purpose we mean it! The KIK? HS Brad Point Bits easily drill through aluminum, copper, plastic, rubber, thin sheet steel, laminates, acrylic, drywall and wood with a cleaner, better result. It's the perfect solution for home repairs, hobbyists, fine woodworkers, installers and more.

Six cutting edges at the tip provide 20% more cutting surface than ordinary bits. This means faster, easier more efficient boring! The tip design eliminates "walking" or "skating" on smooth surfaces allowing for more accurate placement. The unique double edged flute breaks the chips up and extracts them from the bore to prevent clogging and reduce heat build up. All of these benefits translate into superior drilling and greatly extended tool life.

The KIK? HS Brad Point Drill Bit is only one of our exciting new products. Let us show you the feature and benefits Demo1, Demo2, the features and benefits.

KIK? Spade Bit

Conventional spade bits can only drill holes in wood and can only go in a single direction. The revolutionary design allows the KIK? Spade Bit to drill, wood, laminates, plastic and even non-ferrous sheet metal! In wood, the KIK? Spade bores faster due to 30% more cutting surface. By eliminating the brittle tang found on common spade bits, the KIK? Spade can even bore curved holes for those tight plumbing and electrical installations. On plastics and laminates, the KIK? Spade bores efficiently without melting the material and will not "slip" or "skate" from the start.

With six cutting edges and more cutting surface, Chrome Vanadium 40 Steel was chosen for manufacture to allow this amazing bit to flex when necessary in those tough situations when others simply bend and break.

Watch the benefits and features, find out how it'll make your project faster, easier and save time. There is no comparison! Demo1, Demo2

KIK? Forstner Bit

Need a precise deeper hole? Cut faster, deeper, smoother and cleaner? The KIK? Forstner does them all!

KIK? Forstner Bit is designed for precise boring in a multitude of situations. With nine cutting edges and the open head design, the KIK? Forstner bores cleaner, deeper, faster with less torque from the tool and less stress on the material. Plastics and acrylic are bored without melting or chipping. Pocket holes are made with a flat bottom. Overlapping holes, routing, channels, curves, even milling can be performed in any direction, even backwards with this revolutionary bit.

How does it work? Find out, Demo1, Demo2.

TG? Tools United Co. is here to offer you products that customers prefer to use. Customers, our number one priority. Whatever you get from TG? Tools, comes 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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